Capital / Advanced

Investors and management team partners benefit from our experience, expertise, and stewardship by providing middle market companies with financial, operational and strategic resources to create long term value.

Enterprise Values
$5MM - $50MM
What’s in a name?

In rugby, the gain line is the invisible line on the field you are always striving to cross as you progress down the field. Working toward small goals such as advancing the ball carrier over the gain line helps the team keep focus on gaining ground and building momentum. Every day, we at Gainline Capital are committed to moving the gain line forward and gaining ground for our investors.

The Gainline Strategy

Strong Fundamentals

Focus on businesses with strong fundamentals that trade at value multiples where Gainline can drive asymmetric risk-return outcomes.

First institutional capital

Seek out opportunities to professionalize and institutionalize businesses with prior owners and/or managers.

Control-oriented investments

Primarily business services, niche consumer, and niche manufacturing sectors.

Middle market platforms

Generally, US-based middle market platforms with $5-50 million in EBITDA.

Our Investments

Southern Furniture Industries
Core Health & Fitness
Source Advisors
Galaxy Universal
Atlantic Energy
Harvest Right
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